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Garapa Hardwood Deck in South Kingstown, RI

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This was a fun deck project in South Kingstown, RI.  The existing deck was small and built of aging pressure-treated lumber.  The homeowners had a great vision of a large, open area that would bring the house and back yard together.  We incorporated a large, eight person, spa into the deck on it’s own level with main level that can be used for a lounge area with a gas firepit, a dining area and a grill area.

Two of the most critical design requirements were that the deck be visually open to the back yard and that it invoke some of the feeling of classic boat construction.  The husband of this couple is involved in boat restoration and has always enjoyed the clean look of wooden boats and wanted to bring some of that feel to the deck without making it overly nautical.  After considering several railing options, including glass panels and aluminum balusters, we decided on stainless steel cable rails which combine two elements of boat construction, stainless steel and rigging.  For the decking the homeowners selected garapa, a wonderful hardwood that is very similar in color to teak.  Every board is screwed and then plugged for a furniture quality finish, the whole deck and railing was then coated in oil to keep it’s vibrant color and provide UV protection.