Get ready for Fall!  Use our Deck Planning Checklist to start planning your new outdoor escape!

Deck Planning Checklist

One of the hardest parts of deck planning is making a decision to start the process.  After crossing that hurdle, our design and construction experience can help you quickly select a design and materials that will complement your home and provide the outdoor living experience you’ve been dreaming of.

Here is a short list of things for you to consider.  It is not at all necessary to have these decisions made before we can get started with designing your space.

Step 1: What will this space be?

Will it be a place for the family to sit down and dine outside, a place to cook, a place to lounge around a firepit with friends?

Step 2: Where will the space be?

Many customers are replacing an existing deck that was in a suitable location but, even if that’s the case, this is a great opportunity to think about how to bring the outside living space and inside living space together.  Another important consideration is how it will tie in with the landscape.  In many cases, one staircase isn’t enough.

Step 3: What other elements will make the outside space more comfortable?

There are many elements that can make a deck even more fun or provide protection from the elements.  Shade structures such as pergolas or canopies, outdoor kitchen areas, firepits, hot tubs and screen rooms are just some of the possibilities.

Step 4:What materials should we use?

This choice is sometimes the most overwhelming as new products enter the market every year, which is why selecting the exact materials is usually done during our design consultation. Some factors to consider are the overall aesthetic and how it will complement your residence’s exterior as well as the maintenance regimen required.  We build with a variety of natural woods and synthetic materials.

Step 5:Are there any size or design restrictions?

Occasionally, we will find that a project’s design is subject to certain restrictions by the town zoning or building department, a condominium board or neighborhood association, or even by the location of a septic tank.  It’s very helpful to have as much of that information as possible when we start the design process.

Step 6: Bring in the Pros

Our three step design process begins with a phone consultation where we will discuss the project and all of your design criteria.  This is followed by an in-person consultation at your home where Ethan, the business owner, will walk you through the available materials with samples, displays and brochures and begin developing a 3D model of your project.  At the final meeting you can see the finished design review the project proposal!